Jaw-Dropping Makeover: Makeup Artist Does Wonders Transforming A Woman Who Suffered An Accident When She Was 11

Date February 9, 2018

Recently, Anar Agakishiev has amazed people from all over the world with his stunning makeup transformations. This talented artist is one of the most famous stylists of Azerbaijan. He took private makeup and hairdressing lessons in Moscow and participated in master classes in Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Brand new makeovers

At the moment, the 32-yeat-old is the owner of his own beauty salon. A few times a month, he does wonders in his project "Before/After" by transforming women with problematic or unusual appearance into real beauties. Very often, he does makeup for elderly women and shaves their years off, banishing their wrinkles and fining lines.

It’s not easy to believe in such makeovers, so the artist always has to make video-proof of his works. And the result of the following transformation is difficult to describe in words.

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Inspiring and empowering work

This time, a model was a young girl who suffered an accident when she was only 11, which disfigured her face. Anar admitted that it was the hardest and most touching work in his 18 years of practice. Since the accident, she has never even tried to apply makeup.

With such a makeover, the artist wants to do something nice for his models. And he was extremely delighted that he was able to make the girl so happy.

Just take a look at the result!

The girl hardly holds back tears, seeing how beautiful she is.

The result, of course, is amazing. The master does not just do his job – he helps every woman feel special. Here is another example of real magic.

It is impossible to believe that this elderly woman featured in the photo is 80 years old!

Real talent!

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