7 Tips For Looking Slimmer In Your Clothes Without Losing Weight

Date February 16, 2018 18:22

I am not skinny and don't need to be to feel good about my body. I am comfortable and confident as I am now, not ten pounds from now. I choose flattering clothes that I feel amazing in, instead of focusing on my size.

If you are reading this and you agree with every word of it, congratulations! This article will be useful for you. However, if you are hoping and waiting to lose weight before buying new clothes, read on and consider a smarter way of dressing. By following a few simple rules of proportion, lines, and cuts, you can look slimmer and feel more positive about your appearance, instead of simply hiding the parts of your body you are not happy with.

No matter what your size, waiting on weight loss means delaying or refusing an opportunity to feel great in your clothes and recognizing that you have some wonderful assets, not just a number of flaws. Pick a few of the tips below and give them a try to look instantly slimmer without losing any weight.

1. The right focal point

Whether you have a great bust or legs, hands, hair, skin, or a pretty face, accentuating the part of your body that you do like is of major importance as it also steers attention away from anything you find unflattering. This can be done with accessories and color block clothes (combining fragments of lighter and darker colors that serve a dual purpose — visually cutting away the excess and shifting the focal point to a certain body part). Color blocking can narrow and elongate, highlight and disguise, and probably the best thing about it is that it works great for swimwear.

Long cardigans can have a similar effect, concealing and elongating at the same time, and a V-neckline also makes you look smaller and your waist slimmer. Make sure that sleeves, pants and skirts don't finish at a length where they highlight the widest point of your arms or legs.

2. Emphasize your waist

High rise jeans and pants are the most flattering because they tuck in any flab, making you look taller and slimmer by cinching and emphasizing the narrowest part of your body. The same goes for belts. It is a favorite life hack of many stylists who choose to accessorize with a belt - even when clothes don't seem to need one.

3. The right handbag

A large or baggy handbag worn over your shoulder most likely rests somewhere between your waist and hip area, so it will visually make your waist or hips appear wider. Small and middle-sized handbags of elongated shapes are the best choice, as well as a clutch or something the size of a clutch.

4. Flattering pants

Wide and flared pants are the current trend that many women love because they are flattering to curvy body shapes, streamlining them and balancing out the weight on their bottom half. However, the choice of fabric is very important, as it shouldn't be too heavy or flimsy, nor shiny or sheer. Preferably wear with shoes that have a heel and a pointy toe.

5. Avoid large prints and patterns

Wear fitted clothes in solid colours or those with no big or horizontal prints. The bigger your size, the smaller prints you should choose. Vertical or diagonal stripes are well-known optical tricks to make a person look taller and slimmer.

6. Asymmetrical designs and irregular hems

Asymmetrical and split designs, irregular and high-low hemlines are visually interesting as they attract the eye and guide it towards the legs or the V-neck, making anything in the middle seem less bulky and obscuring extra inches in certain areas, while drawing attention away from them. Wrap dresses and cross front garments can have a similar effect.

7. Go monochrome

Wearing a single color or similar shades helps you create a single uninterrupted vertical line instead of visually dividing your body into top and bottom parts. This is the result most slimming hacks aim for — tricking someone else's eye into seeing vertical lines and elements. The best thing is that you don’t have to wear black head to toe, you can choose a color you love. 

Matching the color of your shoes to your trousers or tights or wearing skin-tone shoes is another great way to elongate and visually slim your legs and your bottom half.

As you can see, the answer to looking slimmer is not just invariably opting for black or dark colors and hiding the areas you aren’t happy about. It is very important that you identify what you like about your shape and highlight it if you want to dress in the most flattering way.

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