Melania Trump: 7 Times She Has Shaded Her Husband From Hand Slapping

Date February 21, 2018 17:36

You don't need to be a body language expert to interpret some interesting moments from the life of the US President and his wife. After all, photos are there to help us! Western journalists often write about the couple's awkward moments.

In early 2018, an old interview with Stormy Daniels, an adult movie star, came to light. In 2011, she told the press about the affair she had with Donald Trump in 2006. Nobody can be sure of the honesty of this woman. However, since this event, Melania's attitude towards Donald Trump has become noticeably stricter and colder.


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A photo evidencing the above assumption was taken at the Super Bowl party. Several hundred guests visited their golf club in West Palm Beach. The President and the First Lady personally welcomed the guests, among them a group of cheerleaders. Donald Trump, 71, greeted them with special enthusiasm. He personally greeted each of them, chatted with them, and finally went back to his wife. Melania's look in the photo below reflects her emotions at that moment.

Melania often refuses to hold her husband's hand. Yes, sometimes she has a good excuse (for example, her handbag) and sometimes she doesn't. This is when she rushes to fix her hair to avoid her husband's hand. Below is a video shot at the airport in Rome in 2017.

Below are more photos of the US President and First Lady from February 10, 2017, in Palm Beach, Florida.




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And here are some fresh photos of the couple.

Melania remains seated, while everyone else in the hall rises after Donald's words about family values. Below are some photos of the US President from January 30, 2018.

PBS NewsHour / YouTube

February 3, Florida. Donald Trump's facial expression makes it look as if he is cussing.

February 5, Cincinnati, Ohio. Melania simply threw her coat over her shoulders.



And finally, Melania's tweet on her anniversary in the White House. Where is Donald Trump?

A photo of the inauguration on January 20, 2017.


What do you think of these photos of the US President and First Lady? Do you think there is really an emotional wall between the two?

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