5 Good Reasons Why Yelling At Your Child May Be A Bad Idea

Date February 15, 2018 12:13

Children are a source of great happiness. But when they test our nerves for strength, we want to yell at them. Sometimes, you repeat something to your child about 100 times, but he does the opposite anyway. Or he is too slow, fast, loud ... Well, how can parents not hold back? We recommend that you just breathe out, count to 10, and remember 5 good reasons that will make you reconsider yelling at your kid.

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1. Fear and lack of trust

Most of the children when they are being yelled at, start to develop fear. It becomes difficult for them to make friends and solve conflict situations. It happens because people, who should give them the most confidence, their parents, are making kids feel like ceasing to trust them. If your child has any problems, he will be afraid to tell about it, because he would think you will yell at him. It will break up a trusting relationship between you and your child.

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2. Yelling is not inferior to physical punishment

Many parents think that beating a child is bad, but there’s nothing wrong with yelling. Studies show that children who live in the families where the voice is constantly raised at them have the same psychological consequences as children who are physically abused.

3. Aggression

If a child at the age of 4-5 years was often yelled at, he will start to show aggression towards others after a while. He will fight and quarrel with his peers and even with his elder.

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4. Spoiled psyche

Scientific researchers have shown that regular insults and raised voice can lead to the fact that when children hit adolescence, they become prone to depression and their self-esteem level decreases. Also when they get older, they can turn to theft and constant lie.

 5. The loss of self-confidence

Children who are yelled at can grow up thinking they are not worthy people. Therefore the phrase "But John somehow managed to get" A", and you have" C ". Fool! ", will have to be forgotten. It’s not even that it does not motivate at all, it also makes the child feel insignificant and unable to make any changes.

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By yelling at your kids you will only make the feeling of resentment, fear, unworthiness to grow in them. Their minds are vulnerable to any form of violence, so they don’t accept it as a part of the upbringing process. That’s why it’s better to find another way to discipline your kids.

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