Unusual Lunar Horoscope Based On Your Birth Month

Date March 6, 2018

Astrologists claim that one's zodiac 'portrait' and character depends not only on their Sun sign but also on the Moon, which has a special name and meaning for each month of the year. What does this mysterious celestial layout signify for us?

January: Bright Moon

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Main trait: emotional intelligence

You are a good listener who respects the opinions of others. People born under the Bright Moon are organized, self-disciplined and capable of coming up with a solution in any situation. They are easygoing and thoughtful when it comes to others.

February: Snowstorm Moon

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Main trait: justice

People born under the Snowstorm Moon always treat others the way they deserve to be treated. However, they easily forgive those who are honest and sincere in their repentance.

March: Sweet Moon

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Main trait: big heart

You consider it your mission to tend to the needs of your relatives and loved ones. But don't let it result in putting everyone else's needs before your own – this can lead to a serious depression.

April: Free Moon

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Main trait: independence

While you value independence, you treat others with the utmost respect. You are a surprising phenomenon – a perfect balance of the heart and mind.

May: Floral Moon

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Main trait: patience

You are very good-natured and tolerant of other people and their differences. You are always willing to speak to their merits, to offer a sympathetic ear, and to feel for them, but nobody will succeed in imposing something on you because you are just as smart as you are kind-hearted.

June: Honey Moon

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Main trait: determination

You are one of those fascinating individuals who is not looking for an easy way out or a shortcut, so you often work with full dedication and don't like to be interrupted. People born under the Honey Moon are very proud of their accomplishments but are self-criticizing and it happens to be an indispensable part of their sense of humor.

July: Golden Moon

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Main trait: diplomacy

You dislike petty arguments, so you are always looking for a compromise. You respect the feelings of others but can stand your own ground. People born under the Golden Moon usually enjoy being themselves instead of pretending to be someone else.

August: Thunderstorm Moon

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Main trait: individuality

You find arguments pointless, which is why you may agree with someone but then do it how you want anyway. However, if a conflict erupts somewhere nearby, you instantly become a real peacemaker. Others respect and value you for that.

September: Mellow Moon

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Main trait: honesty

You are friendly and never try to force your opinions on others. However, you aren't afraid to speak your mind, even if this translates to being brutally honest.

October: Guiding Moon

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Main trait: assertiveness

You may be cold-minded, but you are warm-hearted and always the life and soul of the party. Those born under the Guiding Moon overcome any difficulties because they prefer actions to words.

November: Bitter Moon

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Main trait: commitment

You are very loyal and value your relationships. Although Bitter Moon people tend to avoid conflicts, they have enough determination and courage to do anything for their loved ones.

December: Frosty Moon

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Main trait: curiosity

Despite being almost always certain that you are right, you rarely resort to arguing about something. Instead of wasting their time on that, Frosty Moon people enjoy finding innovative, smart, out-of-the-box solutions to different problems and creative ways out of complex situations.

This unusual and interesting horoscope helps to look at yourself in a different way and learn new things about your personality. Do you agree?

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