In The World Of Cosmetology: Popular Beauty Procedures You May Not Know About


The modern beauty industry offers both men and women various products for the care of skin, hair, and nails. At the same time, the skillfulness of professionals and the availability of a wide range of cosmetology services can turn your daily routine into something akin to spa procedures. Different treatments and technological developments help people solve a wide range of problems. Today, peeling and massage are common procedures, both for men and women. The list of beauty procedures keeps growing, and many new cosmetology services are unequivocally worthy of your attention.

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Leading beauty salon procedures

Of course, we can't all afford to regularly visit a professional. But your body deserves a nice surprise at least once in a while!

1. LPG massage

Lipomassage is the most effective modern means of combating undesirable fat deposits while forming contours of the body. The technology of this method is quite simple. There are special attachments that slightly retract the skin during the procedure, and this takes place at a fairly high speed. As a result, blood circulation improves both in the surface and deeper tissues, which stimulates the process of natural renewal. The procedure itself has a relaxing quality. It helps get rid of puffiness and cellulite, effectively reduces the skin volume, and returns elasticity to the skin.

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2. Pearl wrap

Pearl wraps are becoming more and more popular for the correction of body contours. This stunning method has another important benefit, in particular, it gives radiance to the skin. That is why even the tiniest amount of this magical product is used as an important ingredient in skin care products. In cosmetology, it is used to increase turgor and reduce body volume.

Wraps are one of the most pleasant and effective beauty rituals. At the preparation stage, the specialist performs a light peeling to make the skin more susceptible to the mask. The mask includes the fine pearl dust mentioned before, detoxifying white clay, and regenerative and soothing algae extracts.

3. Bioremediation

Aging and wilting are natural processes. Nevertheless, it is possible to slow down and even stop these processes if you choose the right means to stimulate collagen synthesis. The majority of rejuvenation processes are done in the form of injections. Bioremediation has recently been considered the most effective among non-invasive methods. The key distinguishing features of bioremediation include the absence of pain sensations, as well as the use of innovative treatments based on growth factors and peptide complexes. The former affects the improvement of the skin's texture, while the latter activates the body's stem cells, which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the speed of rejuvenation.

4. Mist procedure

Mist is a specialized cosmetic composition based on seawater which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. It can be universal or specialized (for example, designed specifically to remove excess fat or dry skin). Mist can serve as an auxiliary therapeutic or persistent means of makeup fixation. The product is evenly applied with the help of a special sprayer that makes the droplets of whey really tiny. This allows them to interact more actively with the cells and helps them better absorb into the skin.

5. Multi-masking

Only 20 minutes, and a person with combination skin will be more than happy with the results of this complex care procedure. Most modern masks are aimed at solving one or several interrelated problems, but they can't be considered absolutely universal. Multi-masking implies the application of several different active means within the framework of a single session, which saves time. Of course, you can do this procedure at home but it's worth noting that a specialist uses professional cosmetic products in a salon. Unlike their household counterparts, these products have complex compositions. Besides, they are distinguished by an increased concentration of active ingredients. And above all, when choosing a product, the specialist takes into account the woman's age and the condition of her skin on different parts of her face, i.e. they apply an individual approach.

6. Electroporation

A few years ago, mesotherapy (an injection method for saturating the skin with active elements) was an indisputable leader among anti-aging procedures. Mesotherapy minimizes puffiness, improves skin elasticity, and stimulates hair growth. In addition, this procedure has been used in combination with other processes to treat acne. Nevertheless, this method has a significant drawback, in particular, severe discomfort during and even after the procedure. Electroporation has the same effect but it is an absolutely non-invasive skin care method. The procedure is based on the use of an electric current, the effect of which does not cause pain sensations and promotes the activation of regenerative processes at the cellular level. In addition, this method can be used on any part of the body, which significantly expands the list of problems that it can solve.

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7. Enzyme-based cosmetic products

Every woman strives to choose cosmetic products that are both effective and harmless. Enzyme-based cosmetic products are a novelty in this field. Each ingredient of these products undergoes special treatment, which makes organic products just as effective as their more aggressive counterparts.

Winter beauty rituals

As you know, seasonality is quite an important factor in face and body care. Winter is a rather severe season. Nevertheless, lower temperatures allow the skin to restore more quickly after different procedures. Let's discuss what the most popular winter beauty procedures are.

1. Peeling

A peeling procedure is the most effective method for deeply cleaning pores, removing dead skin cells, normalizing blood circulation, and improving the skin's color and texture. It is important to remember that regardless of the product or its influence on the skin, you'd better avoid these kinds of procedures in warm weather due to increased susceptibility to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

2. Mesotherapy

Beauty injections are absolutely effective but they may damage the skin's integrity, and the restoration process takes quite a long time. In winter, regenerative processes are somewhat accelerated, which reduces the rehabilitation period to a minimum. Besides, the risk of accidental infection of tiny wounds is reduced in cold weather. Winter beauty injections also protect the skin against temperature changes and dry air.

3. Moisturizing and nourishing

Sufficient moisture and nourishment will determine how long-lasting elasticity and firmness of the skin will be. Most professional moisturizing and nourishing products contain special vitamin complexes and hyaluronic acid. An experienced specialist will help you choose the best combination for your home care program.

4. Wrapping

Winter wrapping is not just a great way to devote a little time to yourself, but also an alternative method of getting rid of extra pounds. This method can be applied to the entire body or separate parts of the body. For a better effect, you can try a combination of hot and cold wraps. Thanks to its thermal effect, the former boosts metabolic processes and removes excess fluid and toxins, and the latter shapes the body and has a lifting effect on the skin.

5. Hair lamination

Temperature drops and the need to wear hats have a detrimental effect on the condition of the hair, which often becomes dull and lifeless. With the help of hair lamination, it is possible to restore the beauty of your hair and protect it again a great number of factors that have a negative influence on the strength and beauty of your locks.

Of course, youth and beauty are not eternal. However, if you take proper and timely care of your body, lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily, and do moderate exercise, you can keep your body fit and beautiful. And don't forget to use the services of modern cosmetology! They can work miracles for you!

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