Woman Got Tired Of Hiding Her Gray Hair, So She Decided To Change Her Look Completely

Date March 20, 2018

For some ladies, gray hair is a tragedy, and for others, it is an element of self-expression. What about Carrie Grundhofer? Well, she’s been struggling with the image she saw in the mirror so often that she’s been hiding her grays from the rest of the world.

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But one day, the 41-year-old brave American woman decided enough is enough! She knew that hiding her gray hair did her more harm than good. Carrie was fed up with endless coloring and scarf-wearing, but she did not know how to get rid of the old image.

Carrie turned to the famous Christopher Hopkins, who is known by the nickname The Makeover Guy. Hopkins appeared a lot of times on national television on shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Today Show. Throughout his career, he has worked with celebrities, including the former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

The Makeover Guy decided to help the woman in need and let us tell ya in advance – the transformation she got was drastically bold and wonderfully stylish! We are not surprised, the guy knows what he’s doing. Given the length of the queues that are lined up to him, he is a huge success!

© MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis / Youtube

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Hopkins said that what Carrie needs is a radical approach and with one smooth motion he cut off Grundhofer’s long hair. In his professional opinion, long locks made Carrie look old and "tired." The result is worthy of praise!

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With her new gorgeous hairstyle, Carrie is unrecognizable! After seeing her transformation, the woman could barely hold her tears of joy. But she was worried what her husband would say. She really wanted him to like it, too. Fortunately, he showered her with compliments from the second he saw his renewed wife.

We think Carrie looks much elegant, natural, confident, and more youthful. Some people, who saw the video of the transformation, think she lost her femininity. What do you say about her transformation?

Source: MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis/ Youtube

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