Sonia Cytrowska Against The Society: Why 28-Year-Old Polish Stopped Shaving Her Body

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April 13, 2018 13:41 By Fabiosa

In the modern world, advertising puts a lot of pressure on people, especially women. They should be beautiful, slim, smiling, with thick and gorgeous hair on the head and without a single hair on their bodies.


Perpetuated standards

But some ladies are fed up with such standards. For example, 28-year-old Sonia Cytrowska from Gdynia, Poland, decided to abandon the body hair removing procedures completely.


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For already more than a year, she shares her thoughts on Instagram. The girl thinks that photos of her unshaven body will help people around the world fight against unjust standards of beauty.

One year without shaving

Some time ago, Sonya promised herself that she would not remove the hairs from her body until she perceived that shaving was entirely her own decision. She wants to stop the pressure of advertising and women's brainwashing. She desires the females to give up such thoughts as, 'I have to shave because everyone does this'.

I believe that there is only one thing that matters: yur point of view. So do not listen to me, do not agree with me or with anyone else. Check what is good for you and what is not. Maybe my behavior is wrong and inappropriate. Of course, you can hate your body for being natural. You can spend your valuable time and hard earned money on using tons of wax. You can do with yourself whatever you want. But it also means that I can do what I want.

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Sonia asserts that she doesn’t point to the people with shaved legs, underarms, belly, back, mustaches, and toes. What she asks people to do is also be silent about her decision that seems reasonably fair.

The majority of people are disapproving of the girl's decision. Only some of her Instagram subscribers are really supportive towards her:

Keep on being free and don’t look after the standards of our sick society. I believe that such an incredible and sexually brave woman will someday find someone like her. - Sonia's Instagram subscriber

Call for action

Sonia calls on all willing women to join her but does not impose her point of view. And she wants the society to stop condemning those who go against the standards.

What about you? Do you support this brave girl? Would you risk and try this too? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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