Taking A Look At The Celebrities Like Never Before: Short Haircuts For The Long-Haired Cuties

Date April 9, 2018 10:48

Every woman has a moment in life when she wants to change something in her appearance. Most often, the target for experiments is the haircut. The options that can be done with the hair are simply countless: grow, make a blunt bob, straighten, curl, repaint from a brunette to a blonde, etc.


Celebrities' haircuts

However, for some people, their hair becomes something like a business card, especially when your face is constantly on the screen, and the public loves your image. For example, can you imagine Jennifer Aniston without her signature hairstyle? Neither can we.


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What if...?

That is why we decided to try on some different haircuts to the famous long-haired beauties and see whether any of the celebrities actually needs to cut her trademark a bit shorter. Here are ten most unpredictable reincarnations.

1. Melania Trump

When it concerns the hairstyle, FLOTUS only darkened the color of her hair after becoming a hostess of the White House. Now, the former model goes with her natural shade and enjoys using the sunburnt effect. However, a blunt bob suits her as well.


2. Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, as a representative of the British royal family, must adhere to more conservative views about her appearance. Therefore, no radical experiments with hair should be applied – only natural color and flawless styling. However, with a short haircut, Kate also looks very feminine.


3. Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford knows how to make jealous even the most successful models. At the same time, the celebrity never tried perming. With the Photoshop’s help, we decided to see if she should opt for getting a short haircut. And the answer is yes.


4. Angelina Jolie

During the 1990s, Angelina Jolie was brave enough to have a pixie-style haircut. We tried to return a couple decades back and show how the actress looked with short hair.



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6. Jennifer Aniston

There is nothing unusual with Jennifer Aniston’s haircut. However, as soon as the actress appeared in the Friends series, millions of girls all over the world would come to the hairdressers with a request to make a "hairstyle like that of Rachel." We decided that a small cut will not change anything significantly.


7. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has always been wearing long hair. However, one day, she decided to make herself a long bob. We decided to cut the singer's hair even shorter.


8. Monica Bellucci

The actress can boast of long and thick hair, and apparently she is not going to cut it. Nevertheless, Monica looks luxurious even with a short bob.


9. Sandra Bullock

Hollywood actress prefers to remain conservative in choosing hairstyles. Sometimes, she twists the hair longwise or just at the ends. However, this does not stop us from trying a new haircut for Sandra.


10. Sarah Jessica Parker

Many people remember Sarah for the role of Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City series. At that time, she wore magnificent curls but now gives preference to long straight or slightly curled locks. We tried to rewind the time a bit back.


Your precious hair

The experiment can be considered successful. With such hairstyles, the celebrities look rather unusual but, at the same time, still gorgeous and adorable. Sometimes, it is difficult to look after the long hair as the time flies. It is not as charming as it used to be, so the age demands cutting it lower and lower. Nevertheless, even with a short haircut, you can look stylish with the appropriate care for your curls. Regular wash, including rinsing, using a condition, and shampoo for the type of your hair, will keep your looks marvelous.


Visit the doctor repeatedly to secure yourself from the possible problems and remember, you are gorgeous regardless of what hairstyle you prefer.

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