Melania Trump Never Stops Bewildering Her Fans With The Fancy But, At The Same Time, Really Accessible Outfits

Date April 5, 2018

The first lady of the USA decided to make a pleasant surprise to the patients of the children's hospital in Palm Beach, Florida, right before the Easter time. Having prepared some holiday gifts, Melania happily spent time with the kids, wearing a stylish dress.

Adorable Melania

The First Lady of the US never stops amazing her fans with her every new outfit. And this time was no exception. As spring is already quietly gaining rights from the winter, Mrs. Trump chose a light midi dress in black and white stripes, with the eternal court shoes. One of the key details of her image was the wide belt. It made the appropriate accent on the elegant waist of the First Lady.

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How to create such look

The beauty of her outfit is something that every woman can easily repeat. The fancy look can be easily replaced with a long striped blouse or a midi skirt.

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The lovers of tiny sizes can also experiment by choosing a striped dress. The belt will be quite handy, as it allows to emphasize the figure in the best way possible. 

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The stripes may also be different: wider black or white lines, horizontal or vertical.

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Easy preparation

Striped print is in fashion again, so there is no reason to abandon such a classic image that can never be boring. Melania Trump demonstrated that even the simplest dress can be stylish and modern if you decorate it with the right accessories and, of course, with a charming smile!


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Melania Trump