5-Year-Old Claire Crosby Has Mesmerizing Voice, And With The Father's Help Her Performances Are Difficult To Forget

Date April 23, 2018

The magic voice of five-year-old Claire Ryann fascinates everyone who has ever visited her channel on YouTube. Songs from Disney cartoons, performed by a charming little girl, collect millions of views. These are famous hits from such masterpieces as Beauty and the Beast, Moana, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, and others.

Adorable Clair

Recently she expanded her repertoire and together with her dad recorded the song Peace in Christ, which can be called a hymn of faith. Filming was conducted in a spring park among flowering trees, which helped convey a special mood before the Easter days. It should be noted that the girl acts very natural. Apparently, the experience of numerous performances already affects her little career. At the same time, she is very spontaneous.

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Viral rendition

A simple and clear sense of the song, sweet performers, magnificent background easily attracted the listeners’ attention. Over the three weeks, the video received more than 670,000 views, immediately becoming viral. Share the video with your friends and make reposts in social networks – let the world find out about the future uprising superstar.

Claire and the Crosbys / YouTube

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Parents' influence

A girl with beautiful vocal abilities will definitely succeed on the big scene. She has the necessary potential and perfect personality to achieve the desired popularity. Fortunately, parents try to educate their daughter so that fame does not devour her. They teach Claire how to stay modest, despite the growing popularity. To some extent, the performed song Peace in Christ is gratitude to the heavens for the girl’s talent.

We wish Claire success in the vocal career and hope to see her on the screens even more often. Perhaps, one day it will be hard to find tickets to her solo concerts and touching films with Claire in the lead role.

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