8 Symptoms Of Toxic Relationship That Women Usually Ignore: How To Stop The Abuse

Date April 23, 2018

When we start a new relationship, the eyes seem to be covered with the veil. The man seems perfect, without any disadvantages. When rose-colored glasses fall off, it is often too late. We either fall irrevocably in love or, more seriously, acquire children and start living everyday routine.


Mature partner

If your goal is to build healthy relationship, where both partners are emotionally mature individuals, it is important to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. As much as you are in love, try to assess the partner soberly.

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Abusive behavior

We will explain what you need to pay attention to, as it is important to recognize your partner here if the majority of these notions can be applied to him. We don’t encourage you to break up immediately – in some cases, a serious conversation would be enough.

1. Constant quibbles

All of us can make a remark to each other: ask to clean clothes or not to be late for the meeting. This is normal. However, if you notice your partner talking about absurd trifles, if he claims you do not sit correctly, do not walk like he wants, do not cook like he prefers, do not breathe like he supposes, then it is time to think hard about the relationship. Your needs, requests, and desires are ignored. In this case, it's not just a wake-up call, it's a fire alarm.

2. He is always in a bad mood

We can’t always be cheerful and full of beans. We get tired, hungry, and sometimes simply do not want to see anyone. If your partner is in this condition almost all the time, think about it. It will only get worse later, and perhaps you do not want to live with an ever-grumbling man?

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3. He does not consider your interests

If your opinion is not in priority, but you act as he wants, think about it. You go to the movies that he likes; buy his favorite products; attend events that interest him. You have to adjust to him and his preference, and when you want something, it is instantly forgotten. Here, you should begin with a serious conversation – it is quite possible that he violates your interests not quite consciously.

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4. You do not know where he spends money and time

This does not always mean something terrible and ugly. However, such habit may indicate problems in the relationship. There is no trust between you; he does not say where he spends his evenings and where all his money goes. It does not mean that he should report everything to you, but concealing information will not bring anything good to your relationship. Talk to your partner why he doesn’t trust you.

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5. He is rude to strangers

Pay attention to how the partner communicates with the waiters in the cafe, taxi drivers, and other public people. If he behaves rudely and arrogantly, there is a chance that you may appear in the place of those people shortly.

6. He makes you inadequate

If during serious conversations you hear such phrases as don’t start again, you just react sharply, calm down, we'll talk later, perhaps, he simply manipulates you, and does not give a chance to speak and discuss what worries you. Such behavior in psychology has its own term – gaslighting.

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7. He speaks badly about his ex’s

If he throws mud towards his ex-girlfriends, it means he did not draw any conclusions from the previous relationships. He blames everyone for everything, and he himself is as pure as the driven snow. When a partner is not talking about past relationships or expresses very delicately and without going into details then it is a good sign of his behavior.

8. He makes fun of you in front of everyone.

He can consider his jokes harmless, but if you ask not to joke at your address in front of everyone, and he doesn’t care, this means your relationship is not sincere. He ignores things you dislike; he finds it more important to amuse his ego by the fact that others laugh at his witty jokes.

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Relationship consideration

Take a look at your relationship from the side. Are you respected? Are your opinions considered? Can you share the most intimate things? Is he listening to you? Are you heard? Are you understood? If you answered no to several points, it's worth revising your relationship seriously. Maybe you have caught a wrong train.

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