Thin Hair Volume Tips: Velcro Rollers For Exquisite Hairstyles

Date April 24, 2018 15:46

Are you familiar with velcro rollers? Have you ever tried to make your thin hair look voluminous? From now on, you won’t need much time to make yourself look like a princess from Disney movies. Are you ready? Let’s break it down.

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Thin hair issue

Not all of us were lucky to have Rapunzel hairstyle. However, thin hair is far from being a punishment. Perhaps, you are skeptical now, but believe us, even three hairs can be shaped neatly and elegantly.

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Velcro roller advice

We will teach you how to make hair volume competently.


You will need just 2 hours and a few of the helpful gadgets:

  • comb;
  • velcro rollers;
  • setting spray;
  • hairdryer.

So, it is morning. You woke up with a clean head, but a pedestrian hairstyle. It is high time to brew yourself a coffee and sit in front of the mirror to make some great changes. Divide the hair into three parts: the central part and two sides.

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Separate each part into strands, the width of which should be equal to the width of the roller. Roll the hair from your face, always trying to pull it as much as possible. The stronger the strain is, the better the volume will be later.

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Having finished with the rollers, sprinkle your hair with varnish. Pay attention to the roots zone. Now it's the hair dryer's time. Dry the strands with warm air at low speed. Remove hair rollers and continue combing until you meet the appropriate result. Voilà! Your styling is beautiful, and volume is amazing. Here's the video for better clarification.

Tips that no hairdresser will ever give you

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  1. Read the labels on the packing materials. It is important for you to follow the measure. Due to the product overuse, your hair will eventually become heavy, and not voluminous.
  2. Use shampoos for thin hair. They consist of polymers that surround each hair and make it thicker. If collagen is indicated, it is also suitable. It will make even more volume at the roots.
  3. Do not use too much air conditioner. You may find it hard to comb, however, you don’t need a lot to make your hair great.
  4. Perhaps, your hair gets dirty quickly. In order to get away from daily washing, use a dry shampoo. It absorbs moisture and sebum, removes the nasty shine and adds volume.
  5. Do not refuse from silicone remedies. Apply to each strand for shine without making the hair heavy.


Should you find the recommendations helpful for yourself, don’t forget to share the material with your friends. Let them be beautiful as well!

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