Explaining Why Michael Jackson Could Undoubtedly Have White Skin Children

Date April 23, 2018

The number of conspiracy theories around the King of Pop has always been huge. Even after the singer’s death, people couldn’t stop talking about the mysteries left by Michael. One of such questionable legacy was Jackson’s parenthood. The fact, his kids are white-skin baffled a lot. However, there is a clear explanation of such weird appearance.

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Rumors after the death

Michael Jackson was one of the most popular musicians around the world for more than forty years. His death on June 25, 2009, was a real shock to the numerous army of fans and caused a lot of questions, some of which still have no answers.


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Even during the King of Pop's life, there were many rumors and gossip around him. The public was especially intrigued by Jackson's children.

White kids

In 1996, Michael married his dermatologist’s relative. Former nurse, Debbie Rowe gave birth to two adorable children: in 1997, Prince Michael Jackson, and a year after –Paris-Michael Catherine Jackson. Soon after that the couple divorced but kept friendly relations. In 2002, Jackson welcomed his second son, Prince Michael Jackson II from a surrogate mother. The woman's personality has not been revealed.


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The birth of Jackson's second son was associated with a scandal. When the artist showed it to the public, the viewers thought that he staggered, and almost dropped his son from the balcony.


For quite a long time the singer did not show the children to the public. When he occasionally appeared with them, the children put on masks. However, even behind such disguise people could see that children had snow-white skin. Needless to say that the community began to have many questions. Why do the children of dark-skinned Michael Jackson (by nature) have such fair skin?


The color of the children's skin, so different from the father’s, provoked a lot of rumors. It was said that his first son and daughter were also born from a surrogate mother. In fact, in  Michael Jackson's DNA, there must have been the genes of white people that were the part of the family 3-4 generations ago.

This implies that he was heterozygous by himself, meaning he was the mixture of both races. In addition, Debbie Rowe is homozygous, underlining her purely white origin. Therefore, the children of Jackson and Debbie Rowe can be fair-skinned.

Of course, it is only possible to assure that Jackson is the biological father of Paris and Prince through a DNA test. Meanwhile, the only thing that we are left with is to believe that it was the nature itself that decided to distribute the genes in such an odd way!

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