Fitness Time: One-Minute Exercises Will Keep Your Muscles Toned And Mood Cheered

Date April 23, 2018 13:50

Tedious working routine prevents you from keeping your body toned. As a result, constant cramps, pains, and bad mood don’t allow you enjoy the life to its fullest. With the help of these simple and time-saving exercises, it will be now possible to devote a bit more time to yourself.


One-minute exercises

Unfortunately, with our busy life rhythm, we can’t always find the time for sport. With this in mind, we offer you an excellent selection of exercises that will take only one minute of your day! This training, developed by fitness expert Kelly Roberts, involves all major muscle groups. Try to repeat them as often as possible, and then the result won’t keep you waiting long.


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Plank with push-ups

The starting position is standing, feet shoulder-width apart. Do a deep squat, put your hands in front of you, jump to the plank position. Try not to bend in the lower back and keep your body steady, straining your back muscles, buttocks, and ABS. Keep the static position for 8 seconds. Then make two push-ups (for beginners it is possible to start with the knees) and return your legs to the palms with the hop. Stand up to the starting position. Repeat the exercise at least four times.


The starting position is lying on the stomach. Pull your straight arms forward in front of you and raise them simultaneously with your legs. Remain in such position for 10 seconds.

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Lay down on your back; bend your knees. Hold your hands behind your head. Lift the body while leaving feet on the floor and keeping your back straight. Connect the left elbow with the right knee and, conversely, the right elbow with the left knee. Then repeat those moves, but with the elongated legs in the same order. Make 10 twists on each side.

Desired result

We don’t promise you model appearance two days after the exercises. However, in order to keep your body toned and your mood cheered, it is important to do this program regularly. Share your own personal home training in the comments – maybe you have something interesting to describe.


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