Sometimes Practical But Definitely Harmful: Your Favorite Hairstyles May Damage Your Locks

Date April 17, 2018 08:47

Regardless of its length, any hair may look beautiful if it receives proper care. The process of looking after your hair, not only requires the use of various cosmetics but also demands to get rid of any habits that can harm your locks. These include regular use of hair dryers and permanent styling. Moreover, who would have thought that a bun or a tail can also have a negative impact on the health of your precious hair.


Healthy hair

Luckily, this article will help you find out what hairstyles are undesirable in your everyday life. Moreover, the reasons for the possible damage will amaze you with their impact. Therefore here are top seven everyday hairstyles that your locks suffer the most from.


Hairstyles to avoid


The bun has been in the top of the most popular hairstyles for already a few years. It is loved for its simplicity and versatility: You can wear it to an office, a gym, a date, or even a social event. The majority of women want to wake up in the morning with flawless styling, so they tie a practical bun for the night. However, this is strictly not recommended, because your hair also needs rest. And during the sleep, when you constantly rub your head around the pillow, the hairs can break and fall out more intense than ever.

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Tight braids

We used to wear braids from school and eventually switched to more unusual options or "fishtails." However, such styles damage the hair and the follicles, which leads to brittleness and loss. If you do not imagine your life without braids, then pleach them a little relaxed, as this will reduce the burden on the root and prevent hair loss.


This hairstyle is inseparably linked with the previous one. However, in the case of ordinary braids or "fishtail," they can be loosed on the same day, the cornrows will definitely stay for longer periods. You can not comb such hair, and after washing it is more difficult to be dried. The braids increase the load on the roots, and after they are removed, the hair becomes visibly weaker.

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If you make a tail a couple of times a week, then nothing terrible will happen. Especially, as this is the easiest way to hide your greasy hair. But if you are wearing this hairstyle every day, you won't avoid problems with your hair. With a tight tail there is an additional load on the roots, so the follicles are left, and the hair begins to break and fall out.

Hair extension

Every woman wants to have a long and thick hair. And those whom nature has not endowed with a magnificent hair resort to the procedure of artificial extension. Such curls are attached to the natural hair with the help of special capsules. But after removing the extended locks, there is a great risk of injuring and losing a lot of your own hair.


You can make any haircut look more voluminous. However, when you create it, you injure the hair, that may soon become brittle and thin. That is why it is recommended to comb your hair as little as possible.

Wet styling

When the hair is wet, it is especially fragile. Therefore, it is not recommended to comb it immediately after washing, and moreover, to try to create different types of styling. Give your hair a good dry or use special hair-styling products with a wet effect.

Harmful but still applicable

Even though your hair is really fragile, it is not damaged instantly. The described hairstyles can be harmful in the long term. Therefore, in case you wear any of them once a week, or even more seldom, the risk to damage your precious hair is quite a little. Keep an eye on the condition of your head and remember about the possible danger.

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