Man With An Old School Hairstyle Changed His Image Completely A Week Before The Wedding

Date April 18, 2018

Have you ever had the feeling of regret while flipping through the old pictures? "Why did I follow this stupid trend?" men sigh when they see a purse under their arms, and women – thin eyebrows on their face. Fashion may be so evil sometimes!

Rachael Ray Show / YouTube

Stuck in the 70s

The hero of this story, Dan Gallagher, has not changed his hair for quite a long time. A few decades ago, his rocker pile of hair was really stylish. However, today, the first impression it exerts when you see him is a laugh. The man desperately needed the help of specialists!

Rachael Ray Show / YouTube

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Dan was lucky to get on the Rachael Ray Show – this is a popular TV entertainment program on American television. A complete makeover was organized for him to meet his wedding as a new person! His bride Maria came to the studio with her beloved man to support him.

Rachael Ray Show / YouTube

Dan said that his haircut is not an attempt to hold on to the past. He understood that it was even far from being old school. But he didn’t like the shape of his head and couldn’t find a hairstyle that would suit him and which would be according to his preferences.

Tremendous transformation

Fortunately, the hairdresser knew exactly what to do. Dan underwent a truly incredible transformation: from an unappealing grandpa to the well-groomed, handsome man.

Rachael Ray Show / YouTube

Maria did not hide her surprise. The new image of the future husband simply knocked her senseless.

Rachael Ray Show / YouTube

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Another surprise

This man looks much better now, doesn’t he?

Rachael Ray Show / YouTube

However, there was one more good news. The hostess of the show, Rachel Rey, made the future family an astonishing gift. It's a trip for two to the Bahamas for seven days and six nights in a posh place!

Tell us in the comments, whether you've enjoyed the reincarnation. Try to imagine yourself a designer and give Dan a couple more tips, if you find it necessary.

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