No Magic: The Most Powerful Word Which Can Save Even The Griefest Marriage

Date April 19, 2018

Quite often, glossy magazines offer marriage-saving recommendations that are very limited by the standard, and usually helpless statements: a romantic evening, a lace underwear, a bed with candles, etc. At the same time, during the recent research, several scientists have found out that the main condition for maintaining strong and happy relationships is the mutual gratitude of both partners. Let's figure out how a simple "thank you" will help save the family and learn to appreciate each other.

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Thank your partner more often

American scientists from the University of Georgia concluded that one of the most significant things the couple’s happiness depends on is gratitude. Acknowledgment has a strong impact on the attitude of partners towards each other, as well as their union as a whole.

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How to learn to be grateful

What factors can destroy a marriage? Excessive criticism and pretensions, as well as the habit of nagging your partner, can disrupt any relationship. According to scientists, this behavior can cause negative consequences for marriage, especially when it comes to financial matters.

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At the same time, simple words of gratitude help the couple overcome such behavior patterns, many of us have taken up as a habit. In addition, an expression of thankfulness can spark the fading relations again and save even the couple on the verge of divorce. Unfortunately, our brain is much more willing to remember the bad than the good. Therefore, we criticize our partners much more often than we note their positive qualities.

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Even if your partner made some mistakes, do not focus on the flaws, but be thankful for the attempt itself. For example, stop saying such phrases as 'You forgot to salt the soup!' or 'You did not fill the salad'. Instead, be grateful: 'Thank you for dinner, it looks delicious!'

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To develop the skill of gratitude and make it part of your daily life, psychologists advise to resort to the following techniques:

1. Focus on the positive. Of course, no one forces you to suppress the feelings of anger or sadness, provoked by the spouse. However, even if you've had a hard day, you can still find an opportunity to say 'thank you' to the partner, for any trifle.

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2. Start keeping a thank-you diary. Make statements in your notebook or create notes on your smartphone. Record at least 3 things for which you are thankful to your beloved one daily.

3. Give up vague and abstract phrases. Forget about 'Thank you; you're just a miracle!' or 'You washed the dishes? Oh, my hero!' Instead, say 'Thank you for shopping after work' and 'Thank you for washing the dishes – I'm so tired today.'

So easy

As it has already been mentioned above, just one word of gratitude can revive the relationship and save even the marriage that was bursting at the seams. Remember: It depends only on you how happy and harmonious your union will be. Appreciate, respect and certainly thank your partner, and you will notice how your relationship will change for the better.


What about you? Do you say the thankful words to your beloved partner often? Don’t forget to share the stories about your daily gratitude in the comments!

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