10 Math Problems That Might Cause Confusion

Date February 16, 2018

Mathematics is an exact science, which the humanists are so afraid of. But even with a completely different set of interests, it is necessary not to forget about the importance of mathematics in the life of every person.

If to spend a few hours at least once a week studying this science, it is possible to improve the brain function. It's not a secret that it is so easy to lose knowledge, that is why it is necessary to solve complex tasks from time to time.

In school years, mathematics doesn’t go anywhere. It's either truancy and a bad mark, or the humble acceptance of the whole complexity of this lesson (for some). Over the years, you can even forget the multiplication table, which is completely bad.

Therefore, we advise you not to forget about mathematics, no matter how difficult it seems. We offer you 10 math problems. Think carefully about the solution and do not rush to flip to the bottom, because we will post the correct answers there. Go ahead!


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Are you done?

No more options?

Another second ...

So, the correct answers are:

  1. 1934.
  2. 132123.
  3. 831.
  4. 42131.
  5. 123535.
  6. 64302.
  7. 3545200.
  8. 327180.
  9. 5936074200.
  10. 60596061.

If you solved at least 5 tasks, then you got a good result. Save these tasks and share them with friends and family.

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