James Cameron Shared Why There Was No Room For Jack On The Floating Door

Date February 28, 2018

There are such movies that remain interesting and controversial even after many years on the screen. It indicates their popularity among viewers of different generations and means that the script and its implementation were very, very successful.

Twenty years have passed since the moment when one of the highest grossing films in the history of cinematography"Titanic" appeared on the screen. It may seem that all critics have already spoken, film crew received their deserved 11 Oscars, and there is nothing else to talk about. But there are still some questions from the audience.

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One of the biggest ones is why Rose didn’t make room for Jack on the door? The group of teenage girls even made some calculations to prove that both of them could survive if they used their life jackets in a certain way. So why she didn’t do anything for the sake of their love? That is the good question.

James Cameron’s answer to this question surprised everybody as they were not expected to hear such an information. Can you guess what he said?

So, here is the right answer:

Look, it’s very, very simple: you read page 147 of the script and it says, “Jack gets off the board and gives his place to her so that she can survive.” It’s that simple. You can do all the post-analysis you want.

Some people suggested it would be a good idea to tie the life jackets around a floating wreck, but James Cameron had an answer to this question as well.

Mythbusters asks you to now go take off your life vest, take hers off, swim underneath this thing, attach it in some way that it won’t just wash out two minutes later—which means you’re underwater tying this thing on in 28-degree water, and that’s going to take you five to ten minutes, so by the time you come back up you’re already dead. So that wouldn’t work. His best choice was to keep his upper body out of the water and hope to get pulled out by a boat or something before he died.