Jennifer Lopez Becomes The New Marilyn By Wearing A Little White Dress

Date February 28, 2018

Jennifer Lopez is a style icon for millions of people worldwide. Besides being a highly talented singer, actress, and dancer, she is also a fashion designer and even owns her own fashion label. It is called “Sweetface” and is considered to be one of the most popular celebrity clothing lines on today’s market.

Jennifer Lopez is told to become the new Marilyn by wearing a little white dress. She appeared in such incredible outfit while visiting the event dedicated to the second season of the World of Dance. On this dance competition show, Jennifer appears to be the executive producer and one of the judges.


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During the event, the celebrity amazed everybody by wearing an extremely stylish and original dress. J.Lo was wearing a multi-layered small pleated white dress of the Russian brand Ester Abner, high-heeled Jimmy Choo shoes, and small jewelry.

She finished her gorgeous image with a peach shade of lipstick and light bronze makeup. The guests and fans of the singer have noted she is in perfect shape and looks just incredible.


Her colleagues looked fantastic as well.


A couple of days later Jennifer Lopez, together with her boyfriend, baseball star Alex Rodriguez, visited the Guess fashion brand party, where she was wearing the soft blue dress. This time, the star chose the dramatic image in the spirit of the old Hollywood - the medium-length dress and the luxurious Marciano coat.

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Jennifer Lopes has proved to be a style icon for people worldwide, who keeps inspiring everybody with her stylish outfits. Good job, J.Lo!

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Jennifer Lopez