"Sun Ray", "Tiger Eye", And 5 Other Coloring Techniques That Are Trendy In 2018

Date February 26, 2018 12:36

When Pamela Anderson and Britney Spears were very popular, many women dreamed of becoming blondes and look like them. After Megan Fox gained the popularity, the beauties went to the salons to become brunettes like her. Now many women try to copy Victoria's Secret models, most of whom have natural color with white strands.

Here are some of the most trendy techniques in 2018:

1. Cream soda

Universal blond with honey notes has replaced the unnatural ashy color. Gigi Hadid has already given the preference to this shade.

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2. Tiger eye

The "Tiger Eye" technique is a combination of sand, brown and amber shades. It is ideal for brunettes and dark-blond.

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3. Sun Ray

To feel like a star on the carpet, you just need to try out the flashlight technique. With the help of a light shade, the colorist creates an effect of glare from the sun, flashes of soffits or cameras. Overflow can be contrasting or softer – everything is up to you.

4. Strawberry Blond

Cold ash is a thing of the past, while warmer shades are trendy instead. "Strawberry blond" is suitable for those who love light colors, but want to look natural as well.


5. Reverse Balayage

It is ideal for blonde women. Hair roots are painted in a lighter shade and end in the dark. The degree of gradation depends on the desire of the client and the skill of the hair stylist.

6. Chocolate and Coffee Liqueur

You are wrong if you think that one-tone coloring is no longer in vogue. On the contrary, the more natural, the better. The entire palette of brown shades is represented in images that can be seen on the podiums of the spring-summer 2018 shows. "Chocolate" and "coffee liqueur" are some of the most popular.

This technique creates the effect of burnt hair. If the hair stylist does everything right, the hair will acquire up to 5 shades.

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