7 Magical Natural Oils That Can Revitalize Even Extremely Damaged Hair

Date February 23, 2018

Every woman dreams of beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair. But they need special care to look good. One of the most ancient ways of hair treatment was applying natural oils on them. With the correct and regular procedures, you can bring even damaged by numerous coloring and ironing hair back to life.

Here are the 7 most effective oils that will save your hair:

1. Cocoa butter

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Women use cocoa butter to moisturize the skin, lips, and hair. But it works best on damaged hair. Cocoa butter is as effective as professional care products; it makes the hair look soft, shiny and well-groomed. As a bonus, an incredible smell will accompany you everywhere.

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Cocoa butter has a solid consistency, so it should be heated a little before applying. Then, apply it to the entire length of the hair. The next step is to wrap your hair in a plastic cap. After an hour, wash your head, as usual. This procedure needs to be done once a week.

2. White camellia oil

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It moisturizes dry skin, strengthens the nail plate, and restores damaged hair. Sweet floral notes make you fall in love with its scent.

To restore and nourish dry and brittle hair, slightly warm the oil. Then, apply to hair and scalp. After around 20 minutes, just rinse with shampoo.

3. Sesame oil

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Sesame oil easily reanimates damaged, dry, and weakened hair. After the course of treatment, the hair will look healthy and shiny. The oil helps to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, so it can also be applied to the scalp.

Sesame oil should be mixed with 10 drops of lavender and vitamin E, and applied to the hair. After 40 minutes, just wash the head as usual.

4. Coconut oil

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It is one of the most popular oils for beauty. It prevents wrinkles and stretch marks, and smoothes the skin, making it soft. Coconut oil restores damaged hair and reduces its fragility.

Use unrefined coconut oil. Reheat it a little, then apply evenly to the hair and wrap it in polyethylene. Half an hour later, you can wash your hair.

5. Sea buckthorn oil

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Trichologists claim that sea buckthorn oil is one of the most useful means for healthy hair. It can revitalize the damaged hair, restore shine and vitality.

6. Argan oil

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Argan oil takes first place in the ranking of the best oils for face, body, and hair care. It is unique in its nature and content. Mask recipe is easy: just add a few drops of argan oil to the burdock oil. Apply, keep it on the hair, and rinse, as usual. If you do the procedure regularly, you will grow long and healthy hair.

7. Jojoba oil

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Jojoba oil is a natural moisturizer for the hair. It envelops them and creates a protective layer which doesn’t let dust and ultraviolet radiation to destroy them. Also, it makes the hair color more saturated. To make the procedure, apply it to hair and wash as usual after 2 hours.

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