Secret Shoe Mechanism Allowed Michael Jackson To Perform The 45-Degree Dance Move

Date April 4, 2018

Almost 9 years have passed since the legendary American singer, songwriter, and dancer, Michael Jackson, passed away. Even though literally his every step was in the center of the media’s attention, there are several things that are still unknown. For example, his secret dance move.


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Most of us have watched Michael Jackson’s videos at least once. There is one move that still shocks everyone – the gravity-defying 45-degree lean.

At first, fans thought he was using wires; but when he recreated the same move live, they were left speechless.

michaeljacksonVEVO / YouTube

It was revealed that Michael Jackson, together with his team, has created a special shoe with the extending slot at the bottom of the heel. At any moment of the performance, the slot could be extended and connected to the screw in the stage, so that Michael Jackson could make his legendary lean.

Gravity-defying shoes invented by Michael Jackson / Department of Commerce. Patent and Trademark Office

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/ Primsky /

It was patented in 1993 under the names of Michael Jackson and Dennis Tompkins. There was only one accident during the performance when shoes didn’t work properly. During the concert in Moscow, in 1996, the King of Pop fell while leaning forward. After this case, the design of the shoes was reworked, and similar things never happened again.

How smart it is!

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