In A Swimsuit And With No Makeup: Sharon Stone Posts A Very Personal Photo

Date April 23, 2018 14:00

Sharon Stone, the American actress and film producer, has celebrated her 60th birthday on March. The Basic Instinct star looks as gorgeous as ever.

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Despite her age, the actress manages to stay in a good shape. She is an example to be followed by other women!


The celebrity is an active social media user, especially Instagram. She often posts pictures from professional photo shoots, as well as sweet family photos.

All her posts get plenty of likes from fans and regular subscribers. Recently, Sharon has posted a picture in a swimsuit and without any makeup.

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Her numerous fans left many comments, paying attention to the celebrity’s wonderful shape.

Previously, the actress admitted that love helps her stay young. Currently, Sharon Stone is in relations with 41-year-old Italian Angelo Boffa, a real estate entrepreneur.

We can’t but admit that in recent months, the actress started to look even better. This woman deserves to be happy, especially taking into account all difficulties she has gone through: In 2001, the actress suffered a stroke and had to learn how to walk and talk again.

We hope Sharon Stone will have as many happy events in her life as possible.

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