Amethyst Hair – A New Beauty Industry Trend Which Became An Internet Sensation

Date April 23, 2018

There are no limits to hair stylists’ imagination: Every day, they keep proving there are plenty of hair coloring options. Earlier, women had to choose between being a brunette or a blonde, but now times are completely different and a variety of new exclusive colors exist. The hair colorist Caitlin Ford decided to surprise everybody not only with the color, but also with the striking shine of the hair. Amethyst coloring is a new trend, which you will definitely like!

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The name appeared due to the association with the semi-precious stone. Amethyst inspired Caitlin to create a new coloring. It will be more suitable for photo shoots, parties, etc., rather than for everyday life.

Caitlin created a real masterpiece on her client’s hair. She not only colored the hair, but also added sparkles and shining stones.

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The amethyst hair coloring became a real internet sensation! It includes purple, blue, and even pink elements and resembles the color of the stone. Brunettes can do the darker combinations, blondes - the lighter ones.

If you want to try something bright, unusual, and stylish, then amethyst coloring is definitely for you!

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