Firm Buttocks? Easy! 7 Super Effective Exercises To Get Ready For The Beach Season

Date April 24, 2018

Many people want to stay fit, but don’t go to the gym regularly. Of course, it is not easy to find a free time for gym, but we offer you an excellent option – try doing exercises at home! This way, you can turn it into a useful habit and practice regularly.

1. Donkey Kicks

This lower-body exercise is very effective. The starting position is on all fours, arms are shoulder-width apart. Raise the bent leg up and pull the heel to the ceiling until the foot is over your buttocks. Do 3 sets, 10-12 times on each leg.

2. Shoulder bridge

Lie on your back and put your hands along the body. Tear off the pelvis from the floor and slowly lift it upward, without tearing off the scapula. Do 3 sets, 10-12 times each.

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3. Sit-ups "Sumo"

Put your feet as wide as possible, your socks should look to the sides. Then slowly bend your knees and crouch down. The back and the muscles of the press should be strained. Then get up. Do 4 sets, 8-10 repetitions.

4. Bulgarian Lunges

Stand back to the chair or bench. Throw your foot on it. Begin to squat until the hip of the leading leg is parallel to the floor. After you make a pause at the bottom point, go back to the starting position. Do the exercise 10 times, and then repeat for the other leg.

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5. Lunges

Take the position of the foot on the width of the shoulders, keep your hands on your waist. Then make a wide step forward with the right foot. Go down, transferring the weight of the body to another foot. Then, get up and take a step into the starting position. Repeat for the other leg. Do 3 sets, 10-12 repetitions.

6. In-Out Squat Jumps

Stand upright, keep your legs together, hands in front of you. Then sit with a flat back. At the bottom, jump up, and then land with your legs apart. After the feet touch the floor, do the squat again. Do 3 sets, 12 repetitions.

7. Swimming

This exercise is effective not only for the buttocks but for the back as well. At first, lie down on the stomach. Stretch out the hands in front of you, with your palms looking down. Slightly tear off the chest, hands, and feet from the floor. Raise your right arm and your left leg. Then change the position of the limbs: raise the left arm and the right leg. Do the exercise quickly, but smoothly. Do 2 sets, with 10 repetitions.

Always listen to yourself and your body. Do the exercises that are comfortable for you. Save this buttocks workout set and try doing it at home!

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