Puppy Or Mickey Mouse? Everyone Is Crazy About This Tiny Dog With Weird Giant Ears

Date April 18, 2018 09:10

Would your pet get 77,000 subscribers on Instagram? We can’t tell for sure, as the pet should be unique in its own way and you should know how to promote it on social media. In any way, it will have to compete with Goma.

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Meet this new Instagram star. This charming dog lives in Tokyo, Japan, and he is 4 years old. With his lovely ears, he looks exactly like Mickey Mouse!

“Goma” means "sesame" in Japanese. It is a rather suitable name for such a miniature animal. Goma was born from parents of different breeds: a Papillon (a butterfly dog) and a Maltese lapdog. That is why he has such cute round ears.

Goma was not always so popular. The first photo of the dog appeared in 2016. And only now, in 2018, the whole world began talking about him.

Statistics of the Goma’s profile is impressive. Each photo has around seven thousand likes, the video – more than 40 thousand views. There are also plenty of comments from Goma’s fans. Some of them write they want to have such a lovely dog too, others wonder whether it is a dog or a Mickey Mouse.

It should be noted that Goma has competitors.

This is Manny. He has 425,000 subscribers.

This is Giff. He has 8,4 million fans.

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This is Smoothie. She has 1,3 million subscribers.

We are also crazy about Goma.

At first it seemed that Goma is not a real animal. Did you have similar thoughts?

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