Cosmetologist's Confessions: What 10 Popular Cosmetic Procedures Are Useless And Even Dangerous

Date April 23, 2018 15:24

Today, the cosmetology and plastic surgery market offers a wide range of services. But are they really so useful and, most importantly, safe?

Dermatologist-cosmetologist of PFUR Ksenia Vedishcheva tells what procedures she would never do personally and why.

1. Liposuction

According to Ksenia, this procedure has a lot of side effects. Liposuction is a surgical operation, which is performed under general anesthesia. It’s a serious intervention in the body that injures the skin’s tissue, which often looks unaesthetic and resembles a stage of cellulite after the operation. The recovery period is very long.

In addition, when removing fat from one part of the body, you provoke its accumulation in another. It can be completely unexpected places, like on the wrists, neck, forearms, ankles.

2. Eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrows fashion is in the state of constant change. From thin lines of hair to bushy forests, it never stays the same. Tattooing is very difficult to remove from the skin. Over time, the pigment can shed, fade, change color to violet, ginger, or red. No cosmetician will give you a guarantee that in 2-3 years your eyebrows will not acquire a greenish shade.

If you still want to go down the tattooed brows road, check out the microblasting procedure instead. It makes the eyebrows look more natural, and eventually the paint washes away by itself.

3. Upper eyelid tattoo

The disadvantages of this procedure are the same as with eyebrow tattooing. In addition, it will look very unnatural, and you can forget about the gentle look.

Also, Ksenia says that sooner or later, we all get abolished ptosis. After that, the tattooed arrow will move on your eyelid and make the eye look untidy and dirty.

4. Filiform lifting of the buttocks (filament lifting)

Filament lifting has much more disadvantages than advantages. First of all, it’s very painful, because the buttocks have a lot of nerve endings. Second, it’s quite expensive and lasts about 2-3 hours. And let’s not forget about the number of activities the patient will have to forget about, including dancing, massage, hot bath, and sauna. Besides, the effect of the procedure lasts maximum one year!

5. Vacuum facial

Ksenia, as a professional cosmetologist, thinks that only complex facial cleaning can benefit the patient. Modern technology, coupled with the doctor’s hands, can work miracles. But ultrasound or vacuum are not able to completely cleanse the face and prevent the appearance of new inflammations.

6. Silicone cheekbone implants

With age, many women experience the drop-down of their cheekbones, so cosmetologists often advise inserting implants in that area. This is a surgical operation which is performed under local or general anesthesia. Implants are inserted through the lower eyelid or oral cavity.

Not even one surgeon can guarantee how your face will look in a year or two with implants. Ksenia thinks that fillers are the more safe choice as they are less dangerous and dissolve with time.

7. Hypertrophic lip augmentation

Ksenia is not against sensual and plump lips when they look beautiful and aesthetic. But, having seen enough of patients with hypertrophied lips, she believes that it is the task of the cosmetologist to convince the patients that sometimes they lose the touch with reality and don’t adequately perceive their own appearance.

8. Mechanical dermabrasion

This procedure removes the upper layers of the skin up to basal. The biggest disadvantage of it is that the doctor can’t always control the degree of grinding, so they can damage the basal layer. If this happens, then the skin starts to scar.

In modern cosmetology, there are much safer procedures that can save the patient from scars and post acne traces.

9. Deep chemical peel

The chemical peel contains a potent acid called "phenol." Cosmetologists can’t predict how it will behave at any given moment. Phenol is able to penetrate deep skin layers skin and damage the basal layer. As a result, you'll get extensive scars.

Ksenia is completely against this procedure, and she is convinced that deep chemical peel should be replaced by high-precision devices, with which doctors can control the depth of penetration into the skin.

10. Golden threads

Another effective facelift method is golden threads. Most types of filaments don’t dissolve in the skin tissues. Instead, they significantly tighten them and keep them permanently in the position in which they were installed. The result of it is that the face freezes and remains the same for about 10 years.

During this period, it is impossible to change the appearance. If the threads are positioned incorrectly, the face can become asymmetrical. Plus, the procedure can cause inflammation and suppuration.

Despite what the glossy magazines and unscrupulous doctors say, not every procedure is effective and useful. Before making any decision, make sure you are well-informed on the procedure and know about all its pros and cons.

This article is solely for informational purposes. Before using any of the information provided above, consult a certified specialist. Use of the information outlined above can be harmful to health. The editorial board does not guarantee any results and does not bear any responsibility for harm or other consequences that may result from the use of the information provided above.