Their Mother Thought It’s Twins. The World’s Only Survived Female Sextuplets Are All Grown Up Now

Date April 10, 2018

Just imagine the joy of two people who have been told by doctors they would never have their own kids, and then miraculously, they became the parents of sextuplets. For many years, the world has watched a heart-melting story of Graham and Janet Walton and their six wonderful daughters who are all grown up now.

Miraculous birth

Janet and Graham Walton had given up hope of conceiving a child of their own. The couple addressed numerous clinics and consulted with a lot of specialists, but all of them told the same thing – Waltons have zero chances to conceive a baby.

In fact, the couple was considering the adoption when one day, Janet found out she was pregnant. Janet and Graham couldn’t be more thrilled as they had been trying to have a baby for five years.

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Real Stories / YouTube

Real Stories / YouTube

After several weeks, the happy woman went to the hospital to have an ultrasound scan. Janet wasn’t worried at all because she had some sixth sense that her baby was going to be fine. She simply didn’t consider an alternative. However, when the sonographer made the test and afterwards immediately called a doctor, Janet’s mood began to change.

Janet recalled there was lots of whispering, and everything seemed to be taking a very long time. Eventually, she asked what was happening. The doctor’s response was totally unexpected:

That’s when the doctor dropped a bombshell. He said, ‘It’s definitely a multiple pregnancy. You’re having six babies’.


Janet and Graham couldn’t express all their joy by words. For five years, they had been trying to conceive a baby and almost lost hope, and now they were expecting six children. It was a true miracle.

The next day, instead of going to her job, Janet was admitted to hospital and stayed there for the rest of her pregnancy.

On the morning of her cesarean section, all medical staff was extremely busy with hectic preparations for taking birth of the sextuplets. Janet still remembers that significant day:

So many people were involved. There was a team for me and a team for each baby. All leave was canceled – they even shut down a ward.

The sextuplets, - Hannah, Ruth, Luci, Kate, Jennie, and Sarah - were born in Liverpool on November 18, 1983. Amazingly, all six kids were alive, and they made a history as the first recorded female sextuplets in the world to survive.

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Real Stories / YouTube

Real Stories / YouTube

Real Stories / YouTube

35 years later…

Today, Waltons’ daughters are all grown up and turned into absolute beauties. Hannah is a primary school teacher. Luci works as an airline steward. Ruth is a receptionist, and Kate works in HR. Jennie runs a retro sweet shop. Sarah is on maternity leave because four months ago, she and her husband welcomed their first daughter, Jorgie.



Real Stories / YouTube

Five sisters left their parents’ home. Hannah is the only one who still lives there. The young women often visit their loving parents and enjoy spending time altogether. Sarah, who recently became a mother on her own, said:

I’ve always admired my mom, but I admire her more than ever now. It’s tiring enough looking after one baby, and she had six of us.

Real Stories / YouTube

Janet and Graham’s story is a real miracle. Though, there is some explanation – good things happen to good people. The most important is not to give up hope and have faith in the best.

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