Daniel Radcliffe's Fans Concerned Because Of The Actor's "Unhealthy Looks" In The Latest Photo

Date April 5, 2018 10:14

It has been 17 years already since the first Harry Potter movie came out and we saw young wizard Daniel Radcliffe on theater screens for the very first time. Although he is not the charming little boy anymore, Daniel still has his army of fans all around the world. In the latest shot, people noticed the actor looked pretty sick, and started questioning his health condition.

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Young star Daniel

Daniel Radcliffe was only 11 when he got his blasting part of Harry Potter, which brought him success and fame, but most importantly, the love of the public. We watched him and his colleagues, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, grow with every part of the magic saga and transform into teenagers and then adults.

Addiction and anxiety

It has been devastating for fans to know that Daniel faced somewhat of alcohol addiction by the time the last parts of Harry Potter were filming. The actor didn’t hide the fact of his weakness and justified it by the raising anxiety related to the ending of Potter's story. Moreover, it is worth considering that in addition to the Harry Potter role, Daniel was simultaneously playing in theater and starring in films that were difficult enough to perceive for the young man, which most definitely affected his emotional state.

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For a long time, the actor has been regularly visiting pubs. However, as he himself frankly told in interviews, thanks to the support of his friends and family, he managed to overcome the addiction and return to normal life. Radcliffe was offered a lot of “adult” roles, while he himself feared that he would become a hostage of the role of Harry.

Daniel’s latest work was the movie Jungle (2017), which is a biographical survival drama about Yossi Ghinsberg who was trying to survive in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Daniel is pretty familiar with the subject of survival and the so-called Robinsonade.

Does he look sick?

Radcliffe’s one of the latest public appearances caused concerns among the fans due to the actor’s looks. On March 28, Daniel attended a play in New York to support his old friend, Billy Crudup. In the photo made at the event, Radcliffe looked a little bad – unhealthy pale skin, dark circles under his eyes. Many assumed that the actor took up the old addictions.

Famous actors are always at the camera sights. But we cannot always judge about their lives only by the photos. We believe that it was not the best angle in the photo and hope that Daniel is doing great! We look forward to his appearances in new films.

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