She Stunned Everyone At The Beauty Pageant At The Age Of 5. Now, She Is 13 And Looks Absolutely Unrecognizable


December 14, 2018 19:56 By Fabiosa

Do you remember Alana Thompson, a cute and sassy reality show star? Or maybe you can recall her by her alias Honey Boo Boo? Well, some may remember her as a child beauty pageant contestant. Several years ago, the photos of this charismatic girl spread all over the internet.











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Little star

Honey Boo Boo was brought to the beauty pageant by her mother, June. Doll-like lashes, large eyes, and plump cheeks immediately won the audience and the jury. And the girl’s bold behavior blew absolutely everyone.

The mother of a huge family, June, constantly promoted her youngest daughter despite her unusual appearance. And finally, the child was noticed!







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Mama June always tells her children that they are the best in the world and that they shouldn’t listen when someone tells them the opposite.







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Reality show star

Eventually, in 2012 TLC decided to produce a reality show called “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” with Alana Thompson starring as Honey Boo Boo. The series had a huge success and lasted for four seasons.


However, later, various unpleasant details popped up. The mother used to give the girl self-made cocktails: lemonade mixed with an energy drink. She was doing it keep Alana cheerful and funny. Honey Boo Boo started gaining weight because of junk fast food which she took from her mother and older sister.


Losing weight

Mama June tried to lose her weight and get back in shape. The woman reconsidered her views on sports and nutrition, and tried to persuade her daughters Alana and Laurin to do the same. But Honey Boo Boo refuses to lose her weight, as she is completely satisfied with her appearance:

Mama’s on this diet, but I’m not, Boo Boo. I like ma curves.


What can help this girl change her mind? A good therapy? Or maybe new friends? Or maybe Alana isn’t ready to change yet?

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