11 Closest Friends Of Kate's: "Middleton's Eleven"

Date April 23, 2018

Despite the fact that almost the whole world watches the British royal famil's life, some things are still hidden from the public. For example, do you know anything about the Duchess Kate's best friend? Who is included in her close circle? Let’s take a closer look at Kate’s friends.


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Pippa Middleton


Obviously, Kate’s younger sister Pippa is the most known to the public. Women have always been close, and the age gap between them is insignificant - less than 2 years. It was Pippa who was next to Kate during the preparation for the wedding and today, the two still spend a lot of time together.


Sophie Carter


Princess Charlotte’s godmother is another close friend of the Duchess. In addition, Sophie is the ex-girlfriend of Thomas van Straubenzee, Prince William's best friend, and Sophie’s brother, Robert, is married to Kate Middleton’s school friend.

Emilia Jardine-Paterson

Emilia is Prince George’s godparent and is considered to be Kate’s best friend. Kate and Emilia have known each other since the student years. Some sources say that when Prince William and Catherine broke up for a while, Jardine-Paterson organized a "comforting" voyage to Ibiza for her friend.


Alice Avenel

Alice is a long-time pal of Kate’s. The two met in college where they both attended one tennis section. Avenel is also friends with Prince William. Nowadays, the royal couple maintains friendly relations with Alice and her husband.

James and Laura Meade


James is one of the oldest friends of Prince William and Princess Charlotte’s godfather. The couple is actually Kate and William’s neighbors. Like Sophie Carter, the Meads can also attend the church service with the prince and the duchess.

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Trini Foyle

Apparently, Trini helped Kate a lot during the break up with William. She has been seen with the duchess many times after that. Reportedly, Trini and Kate both attended Marlborough College.

Rebecca Deacon

Rebecca is Kate’s former private secretary. Reportedly, the duchess considers her a true friend. Deacon became Middleton's right hand after the wedding of William and Catherine. For 10 years, she has been keeping a schedule for the duchess's activities and accompanied the couple on every official trip. Rebecca has also been given the Royal Victoria Order for her service.


Hugh and Rose van Cutsem


Hugh’s father is Prince Charles’ best friend, so Hugh and William grew up together. The childhood friends are still close nowadays. Hugh and Rose have three children and live nearby, so George and Charlotte are spending a lot of time with them.

Natasha Archer


Natasha is another Kate’s assistant, who became friends with the Duchess. Archer is a stylist and personal assistant. She is responsible for all the looks of Middleton and accompanies her on business trips. In addition, Natasha and Rebecca Deacon were one of the first people to visit Kate after the first two labors.

It seems that the Duchess of Cambridge has a very large circle of friends! It’s great to know that despite the tight schedule, Kate finds time for her friends. We are almost sure they were standing by her side during the birth of her third child.

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