How To Easily Fix A Hole In Your Pants With An Invisible Patch

Date April 6, 2018 17:11

Many women face a problem of rubbed places on their favorite trousers at least once in their lives. Maybe you accidentally got caught by something sharp and made a hole in your pants? Whatever it was, the obvious thing is that you cannot wear those pants anymore!

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But why should you buy the new ones if you can fix this problem easily with a simple invisible patch! This method also helps you get rid of burned holes on pants or any other clothes.

Step-by-step instruction

1. First, align the edges of the hole by trimming the protruding threads. But do not throw them out, as they will be useful later.

2. From the hem of your trousers, cut off a piece of cloth the same size as the hole you want to patch.

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3. Apply the piece to the hole in the matching direction of the fabric. It is best to do this from the inside of the trousers.

4. Draw over the top of the patch with soap and then pull it out of the trousers and carefully cut off the edges, leaving a small margin around.

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5. Take a piece of adhesive fabric, put it under the hole with the sticky side up, and fix it with a pair of pins.

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6. Slice the removed threads (as small as possible).

7. Mix a bit of hot melt adhesive powder with the threads.

8. Put the substance directly in the hole. Be sure to contour it.

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9. Put the patch right on top. By the way, if the hole on the trousers is small, you can skip this step.

10. Put a tracing paper on the patch and iron for approximately 15 seconds.

11. Enjoy the result! A white soap stain will disappear after the first wash.

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It is simple as that! After the repair, pants can be safely washed and ironed. Tell us if this method helped you. Or maybe you know some other ways to fix such issues?

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