Why Does Melania Trump Pose With A Slightly Opened Mouth In Every Photo?

Date April 24, 2018

The current First Lady of the US is a beautiful and confident woman, who has already become an example not only for American but also for many beautiful women all over the world. Her style and body inspire them to take care of themselves. It's hard not to agree with a thought that Melania does not look like 48 years old and has that special grace and elegance that distinguishes a true lady.


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Melania's photos are scanned all the time

Each of her new photos is analyzed not only by fashion critics, journalists, fans, opponents of the current president, Donald Trump, but also physiognomists, as well as body language experts.


They discovered an interesting detail: in most of her photos, regardless of the angle from which they were shot, Melania posed with a slightly opened mouth. Of course, she was often smiling for the cameras, and sometimes her lips were tightly pressed. However, the expression with a slightly open mouth has been typical for her for more than 15 years. What is the secret behind this?


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It turned out that the position of the lips, when they are slightly pinched, and at the same time, the mouth is not completely closed, is one of the most successful in the modeling industry.


Expert's verdict

Body language expert Traci Brown believes that a slightly opened mouth makes the look more sensual and attractive. Moreover, in such position lips seem plumper than they really are. She also tells that very often, this trick is used by professional models, and Melania had been building a modeling career back in the day.


Brown also states that a slightly open mouth shifts the emphasis in the appearance. It forces to switch the attention from the tip of the nose, the shape of which mostly is not ideal, to the lips.


It is hard not to agree with the fact that Melania Trump looks absolutely stunning in most of the photos. Could it be thanks to the special trick? Anyways, Traci Brown provided us with the very interesting information. You too can experiment with the looks and see whether Melania’s style suits you.

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