Ingrown Nails Home Treatment: 7 Easy And Natural Methods

Date April 18, 2018

You may think that you can just "put a sock on and live on." However, despite the fact that an ingrown nail looks ridiculous in comparison to other serious illnesses, it can not only hurt and exhaust but also lead to serious and dangerous infections. Therefore, your number 1 task is not to ignore it. Therefore, you can choose one of seven methods of home treatment, which we are giving down below.

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1. Nail baths with salt.

This is a good idea even if you do not have an ingrown toenail. And if you notice the first symptoms, soaking your feet in warm water with sea salt and with the addition of antiseptics is the best combination to calm the pain and lessen the swelling.

2. A herbal compress made of aloe vera.

It softens the nail overnight. This will allow it to be separated from the surrounding tissues. See below how it can be done.

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3. Sterile gauze.

Carefully and VERY slowly lift the nail and place a small piece of gauze under it. Important: apply antiseptics to the area of the ingrown nail.

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4. Dental floss.

This is by far the best way to treat an ingrown nail at home. However, it is important to make sure that the dental floss is tasteless. Mint flavor will only complicate the inflammation, and in addition, it will burn more.

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5. Correct pedicure.

Nails should not have rounded edges. It is important to cut them straight. If you are afraid of methods with gauze and dental floss, try the following. Right in the middle of the nail’s tip, make a small V-shaped cut. This will relieve the pressure from the nail’s edges.

6. Softening.

Tea tree oil is great for softening the nail, especially if you have the thick one. It also fights infections and fungus.

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7. Bandage.

Try using a bandage to prevent the infection of an ingrown nail. However, don’t wear it all the time, as it can complicate the situation.

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How to prevent such tricky problem from happening?

Just make sure that your feet feel comfortable in the shoes you wear. Also, make sure that your feet are clean and dry. Last but not least, regular and correct complex pedicure is essential!


Take care of yourself! We hope an ingrown nail issue will pass. However, do not hesitate to visit your doctor for a professional consultation.

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