Cat With Human Face Has Won Net Users Over

Moscow resident, Tatiana Rastorgueva, has been breeding Maine Coon cats for 16 years in search of a perfect member of this breed. And she seems to have made it.

Meet Valkyrie!

This amazing beauty already has countless fans on social media and they are in awe of her! Some people are certain that she looks like the Cowardly Lion from the Land of Oz, others even thought she resembles Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series, but a great majority of the users admitted that Valkyrie's face is very similar to that of a human's. What a striking resemblance!

The owner of the furry queen is very proud of her pets and only wants to give Valkyrie and the rest of the adorable Maine Coons to good and loving hands. The kittens are very diverse and they have their own unparalleled special features, which Tatiana highly appreciates and respects.

They are like people, all the faces are so different! Everyone's expressions are so different and their look says buckets about their character! They are lovely

Just look at this gorgeous ginger cutie!

Maine Coons sometimes reach the size of a small lion cub and weigh up to 26 lbs. True kings among the cats.

Cat With Human Face Has Won Net Users OverSeregraff /

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