Man Has Been Feeding A Crow Family For Several Years, And They Thanked Him With Strange Gifts

Date April 16, 2019

56-year-old guitarist Stuart Dahlquist from Seattle, USA, has always been fond of birds. When a couple of crows nested in a fir tree near his house a few years ago, the man decided to make friends with them.

Stuart started to regularly feed his feathered neighbors (and even treat them when necessary).

Sometimes when I’m walking they’ll fly with me, landing on the wires and branches above as I amble along. When we get home they like to land on the fence and wait to be fed. Other times they simply “Caw! Caw!” at us… It’s pretty obvious when they want food.

– explained Stuart.

At the end of March, the crow family thanked the man for his generosity with rather unusual gifts. For two days straight, the birds would bring their benefactor pine twigs with pull tabs on them. Stuart was so excited about the crows’ tokens of gratitude that he shared them on his Twitter page.

Social media users chipped in with their best guesses of what the crows’ gifts to Dahlquist could mean.

One user put forward a version that can melt anyone’s heart:

In the comments, people also shared stories of the gifts they had received from crows. One woman, for instance, regularly gets colored pebbles from the smart birds, while the other girl was brought a live crab and a berry.

What intelligent birds!

How do you feel about crows? Have you ever received unusual gifts from them? Share your stories in the comments!