No One Would Buy A Pink Guinea That Looked Like A Hippo, But Social Media Turned Things Around

Date May 23, 2019 16:56

Every living thing wants to have a home and to be surrounded by care. This is especially true about who are helpless. A touching story of a life-changing moment was told by a Twitter user Angel Klochkova.

The girl tweeted a photo of an odd-looking guinea pig. To be more precise it is a rare breed called the skinny pig, which is characterized by a lack of hair and unusual color.

This is Monya. It is on sale in a pet store, but no one likes it. She is called nothing but Yuksy and Horror. As for me, I find her pretty sweet and affectionate. Gets all shy when praised))) Maybe someone will like her too

Monya’s delicate pink color and skin folds resemble a tiny hippo or the popular Awaiter.

The girl felt very sorry for the skinny pig because she seemed so cute to her. But she couldn’t take her home.

Are there any more pics of Monya?

Nope. I was led out of the store at once because I already have a zoo at home

Most readers were touched but were in no hurry to get the pet. Fortunately, soon popular blogger Julia retweeted with a caption:

Tula, the address of the store in replies, take this cutie-pie and love it very much, I’m begging you!

And, oh joy! Some girl took the pet! She tweeted

Julia, you can rest easy

The thread ended with a comment from Julia:

Guys, Monya has been adopted, now she has a home!

How great is it that we have internet and social media after all! With their help, people can do such good deeds!

Do you like Monya? Have you seen such a creature before?