Xherdan Might Be The Scariest Cat In The World, But His Owner And Thousands Of Instagramers Adore Him!

Date December 27, 2018

Do you like cats? What is your ideal breed? Most often, people choose their own cute fluffy kitties to snuggle up with on cold winter evenings. However, some believe that a cat without hair is also a good choice, so that is why they opt for Sphynxes. By the way, their body temperature is a bit higher than in ordinary cats, so you can still use them to warm yourself. However, many people still argue about the hairless breed's appearance.

How do you feel about naked cats?

And what do you think about this kitty? Please, welcome Xherdan.

Unlike his relatives, this cat has a lot of folds, with some even on his head looking like a brain.

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Moreover, this stern look seems to belong to one who intends on taking over the world.

Xherdan is very popular on the internet. More than 17,000 people have already subscribed to his Instagram account.

The feline’s owner Sandra Filippi received him 5 years ago. She says it was love at first sight.


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The cat’s page features a lot of fans who adore Xherdan’s eyes and appearance in general.

What a stunning cat!

It is impossible not to adore Xherdan.


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What a sweetheart!

What do you think about the naked cat? Do you like Xherdan? Would you like to have a similar cat or you prefer the fluffy variety? Tell us in the comments!

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