Why Do Cats Always Stare At Nothing?

Date June 18, 2019

Cat owners may often notice their pets suddenly freeze and stare "at nothing" as if they are seeing something behind the person's back. Why do they do that? Are they really able to see "supernatural" things? Let's find out!

Why do cats stare at nothing?

In fact, this phenomenon is pretty easy to explain. Obviously, your furry friends can't see ghosts and other supernatural creatures. It's just that cats' senses are much better-developed than that of humans. It makes them react more sharply to sounds, smells, and objects that we may have no idea about.

Why Do Cats Always Stare At Nothing?Massimo Cattaneo /

Collecting and analyzing any information from their surrounding world is cats' natural instinct and is based upon their predatory nature, while humans are used to filtering out most of this information.

Cats can see how dust particles shine in the sunlight, hear how floorboards or walls creak because of strong wind.

Their external ears can be compared to a complex satellite dish that can rotate up to 180 degrees to receive a signal. This helps cats to locate and identify even the faintest sounds. They can detect sounds from a distance that's 4-5 times farther than people can.

Their eyesight is sharp and adapted to darkness, which also helps cats to locate potential prey. The back of the cat's retina has a layer of mirror-like cells, called the tapetum lucidum, that reflect the light from the outside back to the retina. That's why cats' eyes "glow" in the dark.

By the way, very few people know this, but cats and dogs have something that's considered a "sixth sense" – they are capable of seeing ultraviolet rays.

Do your pets often stare at nothing? What else do you find confusing about cats' behavior? We're waiting for your answers in the comments!