Dog Met Her New Puppy-Sister And Her Over-The-Top Reaction Is Taking Over The Internet

Date May 3, 2019

It’s not for nothing that the dog is man’s best friend. Our four-legged companions help us out when we’re down, and even save people. For example, an Akita helped Alhanna Butler, a young woman from South Yorkshire, to recognize a serious illness in time.

No one will argue that these creatures are very emotional and sensitive. And the canine in the following story has provided yet more adorable proof of this.


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A Twitter user named JillianRobles00 shared a video on her page, which resonated with thousands of people. The girl decided to get Arden, her Labrador, an unexpected gift. The master brought her a puppy named Stella in the box. The dog was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t hold back the emotions.

While baby Stella was perplexed and tried to understand what was going on, Arden ran in circles around the box.

Of course, social network users could not leave this cute moment without comments.

Some also inquired about the development of the pets’ relationship. The author of the video reassured everyone that Arden and Stella are living in perfect harmony.


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