Dog's Disappearance Helped His Owner Find Love On The Net And Start A Family

Date July 15, 2019 15:22

Rob Smith was devastated when his lovely Labrador pup went missing. He searched the entire neighborhood several times, but he couldn't find his four-legged friend, Buster. Then the inconsolable guy took it to Facebook. Acquaintances and strangers came to help and comfort Rob.

One of the users who left a comment to the post was Samantha Owen. She offered help in the search for Buster and spiritual support. At first, Rob rejected the girl’s offer, but then they exchanged phone numbers and started communicating.

This story happened in 2010. Since then, the young people have fallen in love, had a wedding, welcomed two daughters, and got a Labrador dog – just like Buster that had gone missing.

Actually, if it hadn’t been for Buster, then who knows what fate would have had in store for the two young people?

A stray dog’s microchip led a team of vets to Rob. Fortunately, he hadn’t changed the telephone number over the years. Now the family is reunited, and everyone is very happy.

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