Woman Followed Strange Crying Sounds And Found A Dog In Distress

Date April 3, 2019 11:32

Dogs and cats end up on the streets for various reasons. A lack of reliable statistics makes it hard to see just how big this problem is. In the USA alone, roughly 7.6 million pets, including pedigree dogs, find themselves in shelters.

The main reason why the number of stray dogs is still high, despite all the efforts of animal rights activists, is human recklessness. Irresponsible owners get a pet, play with it, and when it is not fun anymore or the animal requires care, abandon it to its fate. A similar story took place in Houston, Texas.

Diana Chapa heard someone crying and yelping for help. She couldn't ignore it and the sound led her to an old wooden fence. When she peeked through a gap, she saw an emaciated boxer dog with eyes full of sorrow. He needed urgent help. Most likely, he had been starving for a long time, exhausted physically and emotionally.

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Diana called animal control but they didn’t come to help. A few days later the girl decided to take the matter into her own hands. She broke the gate and saved the dog from captivity.

As she later found out from the neighbors, the dog had lived in that house for about 6 years. He used to be outdoors on the concrete floor all the time. He had back problems and wounds on his body. The owners abandoned the house.

The young woman took the dog she named Joshua home where he was surrounded with love and care. He needed medical assistance, so Diana took him to the vet. The boxer turned out to be a very obedient and affectionate dog that calmly endured all the procedures and enjoyed being taken care of.

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As soon as Joshua recovers, volunteers will look for a new home and loving owners for him.

You may remember the rescue story of a dog which was used for breeding and then thrown away. Fortunately, from the shelter, Rosie was adopted by a new loving family.

It is very important that these tearful stories have happy endings – the poor creatures get a new life thanks to caring people.

If you love animals and want to help them, you can do the following:

  • don't pass by when you see an animal in danger;
  • donate money to animal shelters;
  • volunteer in shelters (to clean cages and walk the animals);
  • share posts about looking for new owners;
  • adopt an animal from a shelter.

With these simple and manageable actions, you can help reduce the number of stray pets and make the world a little happier.

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