Man Found An Elephant He Had Taken Care Of 32 Years Ago. The Animal Recognized Her Friend!

Date May 29, 2019

Have you heard that an elephant never forgets? It's hard to believe, but they really have an incredibly good memory for faces. They can also remember events that occurred decades ago!

The story, which happened this year, is very illustrative. A British zookeeper was reunited with an elephant, which he looked after 32 years ago.

The reaction of the animal was amazingly touching!

Elephant meeting her old friend

Peter Adamson worked at a Glasgow zoo. In the early 70s, he started taking care of an elephant named Kirsty. But in 1987, she was moved away.

Since then, the man didn’t hear about Kirsty for 32 years. Recently, he learned that the elephant was moved to Germany and lives there in the zoo of Neunkirchen.

Peter paid Kirsty a visit. And that is when this incredibly touching moment happened. The elephant embraced her old friend with her trunk.

That she allowed me to get close and accepted me was a very emotional experience for me. I will always keep that memory in my heart

Meeting with a gorilla

By the way, some other animals can also have such reaction to old friends. For example, an Englishman raised a baby gorilla, and then let him go free. After 5 years, he decided to pay a visit. The gorilla responded to the man’s voice and came up to him. Then, the animal refused to let go!

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