Poor Pup Was About To Be Put To Sleep. 2 Days Before This, His Owner Miraculously Found Him

Date April 26, 2019 12:37

No wonder why many people say that their pets aren’t just animals but family members. In response to care, they provide their owners with so much warmth that they simply can’t imagine life without them.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that a pet may happen to get lost. People who love their animals spend a lot of time and energy in the hope to eventually find them.

Pitbull Hank lived in a West Palm Beach shelter in Florida for almost a year. This breed isn’t considered a popular one: the dogs are often stubborn and can be aggressive if not trained. It isn’t surprising that Hank didn’t find a new family, despite all the efforts of volunteers. He spent countless days in a cage. After numerous desperate attempts to find him a home, the shelter eventually decided to put him to sleep.

Titan, the dog’s real name when he lived in the family, meant a lot for his owner Barry. The man hadn’t stopped searching for the dog since he was kidnapped from Barry's truck, repeatedly returning to the area where he had last seen Titan. Having lost hope, Barry published a photo of his favorite pet on social networks. Luckily, one of the shelter visitors recognized him! The man arrived just in time: he took Titan two days before the dog was scheduled to be put to sleep.

Unfortunately, pets sometimes become unsuspecting victims of hijacking. In 2016, many publications wrote about Gary Adams and his Labrador: men had his car stolen right at the gas station when he went to pay for fuel. He was twice frustrated since he lost both the car and his loyal friend. Adams was hoping to meet his pet one day, but didn’t think it would ever turn out to be his Christmas present. A passer-by had found the truck in the forest with the dog still inside. The pet soon reunited with his family.

Poor Pup Was About To Be Put To Sleep. 2 Days Before This, His Owner Miraculously Found HimTom Meaker /

When an animal is lost, not only the owners are in grief, but also the animal itself. Not every one of them is able to find the way home, but most make attempts of such, finding themselves defenseless in the game of luck. Titan was lucky indeed: he went to the shelter and got the opportunity to wait for Barry, despite there being little hope. That is why each of us shouldn’t remain indifferent. If we encounter a lost pet, we should realize that someone is likely grieving for it right now. After all, a domestic dog or cat is usually easy to distinguish from homeless animals.

Poor Pup Was About To Be Put To Sleep. 2 Days Before This, His Owner Miraculously Found Him-Pongsarun /

What can you do to help animals return to their families?

  1. Try to make the animal trust you, avoiding sudden movements, and taking care of it. Often, the owner’s number is visible on the collar.
  2. Take the animal to the vet if it needs help. You can also check the presence of a microchip there.
  3. Notify animal control services, contact shelters.
  4. Spread information about the animal – social networks will share your post in a matter of minutes.

Poor Pup Was About To Be Put To Sleep. 2 Days Before This, His Owner Miraculously Found Him4 PM production /

It is always easier to ignore a stray animal because this isn’t your pet. Make yourself take a few seconds to look into its eyes and understand whether it needs help to reach home. After all, most domestic animals simply can’t adapt to street conditions. Stay alert.