Firefighter Saved A Cat In California And The Pet Thanked Him The Cutest Way Possible!

Date November 28, 2018

It is widely believed that cats have a wild, independent, and selfish nature, and that they are essentially arrogant animals. But the other day we had a chance to witness proof that they are no strangers to the feeling of gratitude!

Firefighter Saved A Cat In California And The Pet Thanked Him The Cutest Way Possible!NicO_l /

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While going through the devastating consequences of forest fires that have recently swept through California, a firefighter named Ryan Coleman suddenly came across a cat in between the debris.

The rescuer helped the animal out of its entrapment and the feline in its turn showed gratitude the way it's done in the animal kingdom!

The cat was so happy to be found that she climbed upon the fireman's shoulder and started rubbing herself on his head. Ryan posted a moving video of the event on his Facebook page, captioning it as follows:

She just chilled on my neck and shoulders as I’d walk around.

It's no surprise that social media users couldn't scroll past this touching story and left numerous enthusiastic comments.

So sweet!!! Thank u for all you do. You are a true hero!!

Omg this makes my heart so happy!

You obviously have to keep her if nobody claims her, she loves you! ♥️

Looks like you guys have a new friend.

This story can't leave anyone untouched! We can only hope that the cat's owners will show up as soon as possible or Ryan will take his newly found furry friend home with him.

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