Polish Volunteers Found A Stray Matted Mongrel. What Did It Turn Into After Shaving?

Date November 22, 2018

Quite recently, animal rights activists found a weird furry creature on the streets of Polish city, Lodz.

The beast was covered in long fur, which was matted in thick, tough dreadlocks. It couldn't even defecate properly because of all the fur.

Volunteers took the beast to an animal shelter, where it had almost 5 lbs of fur shaven off. It accounted for almost half of its body weight.

A generic dog appeared in front of the saviours' eyes. The animal was so neglected that they couldn't recognize that it was a dog behind all the fur.

The saved pet was named Farciarz, which means "lucky" when translated from Polish. Lucky, indeed!

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Currently, police officers are searching for the dog's former owner, who should be held responsible for animal abuse. They assume that the man wasn't able to take care of the dog due to alcohol addiction.

People often bring pets in a terrible state to vet clinics. For instance, this Persian cat with matted fur was found by an empathic man.

After several long and painstaking shaving sessions, they finally managed to free it from its hairy captivity. Moreover, the now-cute feline was even lucky enough to find a new home!

It's such a shame that some people forget the simple truth, so eloquently expressed by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, "You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed!"

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