So Touching! Grandson Returned The Runaway Cat To Grandma And Her Reaction Went Viral

Date December 3, 2018

Pets very quickly become a part of the family for many people. And when they run away or get lost, it can really hurt. Where in the world is my little warm ball of fur that was so gently purring on my lap? Is she warm and safe?


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This is what a Scotland resident had to go through. Her 5-month-old kitten escaped and nobody could find it.

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However, by way of luck, her grandson managed to get the missing ginger kitty home. The grandma's reaction, which her grandson filmed, was incredibly touching. Just look at how happy she is!

The video went viral and got more than 5 million views and more than 360,000 likes over just a few days. Internet users gladly share this sweet video with their friends as it is so wonderful to look at a person who is genuinely joyous!

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The grandma's reaction is clear; however, her husband's emotions have left people confused. He doesn't seem particularly happy!

But the young man who posted this video justified his granddad:

Just want to assure everyone my grandpa loves the cat he was just so surprised and had lost hope.


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We hope that the ginger cat will never run away again from the home where he is so adored! It's great that this story had a happy ending!

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