"Spider-Cat": This Special Needs Pet Won Over The Hearts Of His Owner And Netizens Worldwide

Date January 22, 2019

Nowadays you can find countless photos and public pages featuring adorable pets that make millions of net users go "aww" over their cuteness. However, some of them deserve special attention, just like the little feline hero of our story today.


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A cat called Aries wasn't that lucky: he was born with a hind leg deformity. The pet's kneecaps grew twisted. Although it fortunately doesn't cause him any pain, it does make it hard for him to move around.


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However, it didn't stop Aries from finding a loving family. At first, the kitten was placed in an animal shelter, and before long, a woman called Tracy Pitisci adopted him.


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Despite his flaw, the pet's new family was fully determined to help him overcome any life difficulties.

We knew that we loved Aries and that we were always going to do everything to make sure he had what he needed. Then we realized that he had already found his forever home with us. Adopting Aries has brought tremendous joy to our family.

— said Tracy.


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His unusual appearance quickly turned Aries into a real internet star. Social media users decided that he looked like an adorable hybrid of a cat and a spider.

Over time, Aries learned to move around quite masterfully on his deformed legs. Of course, he's far from being as graceful as other cats, but it's great progress!

Special needs pets often become internet stars. Fairly recently, we've written about 33-lb cat Bronson which has extra toes. His owners are now helping him to lose weight in every way possible.


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Looking at these animals' pictures, we feel relieved – they were lucky to find a loving and caring family!

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